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On January 25, let us unite against U.S. war on Iran!

The International Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL) stands for the right to self-determination and liberation from imperialism, oppression and human rights violations.

Despite the diversity of Indigenous Peoples across the globe and their struggles together with different sectors and peoples, we recognize the commonality of the problems of imperialism and neoliberalism.

The profit-driven plunder and dispossession of ancestral lands and territories, massive displacements brought by wars of aggression, and large-scale projects by the State and imperialist corporations perpetuate impoverishment, discrimination, human rights violations and oppression.

Imperialism and its tools of war profit from undermining self-determination and sovereignty, as witnessed by the whole world with the hostile attacks by the US, sanctions, and threats to political and economic independence of the Iranian People, IPMSDL joins the call for greater solidarity.

We call on our members and networks, and the international community to join us this January 25 in the Global Day of Protest against US War on Iran! Let us stand for peace and justice, and denounce all threats of U.S. war of aggression in West Asia and in other parts of the world!

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